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How to nude the LucyBody when is weared the first time?

Press first the icon blue to go the panel of skins

Press any of the skins on the left arrow for nude, and the right for with underwear

How to repair the tip toes in black ?

In the HUD, in FRONT, at the bottom, there are 2 options, press OFF tip toes.

How to see the HUD without this triangles ?

You must set the graphics level of detail to a value higher, to the maximum of 4.

Then the HUD goes fine, if not ,you must edit the size of the HUD, more large, must touch the bottom and the top of your screen in this case.

If you dont have success with this or dont know how resize the HUD in the screen, then IM  to Ongoe Allen, asking about the problem, and is preferable to send a screenshoot with the screen from bottom to top, the zone of the HUD. You can receive for this a HUD more large in the screen.