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Making Applier Pro

We recommend that the first steps is to learn to make an applyer to nails. Then you go more familiar with this.

To make appliers with the Kit Pro you can use one button different for each layer, each button is specific.

In the HUD you can Drag & Drop at one time all the textures you use, until 32, and too the number 33  that is for blending the neck.

The way to make the texture blending neck need information additional. In basics, is to extract the alpha from TGA you get in the KIT-PRO. This alpha is useful to get your texture number 33 from the texture 10 you get before.

To make the Tatto for classics heads, you need extrac the alph from the TGA of another texture that are in the KIT-PRO, same procces, and the result is to make a tatoo head, been the origin the texture number 10.

Next soon more information detailed in a step by step basics.