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Making Applier for Nails

Open the box and wear “LucyBody KIT-NAILS”; this is the HUD.

Now Add “button HUD applier Nails”.

Edit colour of the button in white to green, to get it unlocked so that it can receive data from the HUD.

Drag & Drop your finished texture over the red polish bottle in the HUD.

Hit APPLY below the red polish bottle so that it sends the data to the green button.

Clear your texture, then the HUD is ready for another work session.

Edit your button to colour white or any other you choose, that way the button is locked. This is useful when you are making a HUD full of many more buttons; you can work on each button by putting each individual button in green one after the other.

Do not forget to change the next owner permissions of your button to only COPY if you are going to sell your nail applier button.

How to appear as creator of the Nail Applier Button: You can link the button with your own prim or more prims. If you use as root prim one of your own prims, then you are the creator of the whole item when everything is linked.

Do not forget to attach the button as a HUD at first once to yourself, then the next users will also be wearing it as a HUD when they add it to themselves without problems.

You are welcome to sell the appliers but we strongly recommend you do so with COPY only permissions.

Rezz the LucyBody KIT NAILS box on the floor in a sandbox or in your land, anywhere you have permission.