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In this case the UVmaps is not intended to use by 2D with Photoshop, in this case is only for use in 3D painting with software for this.The KIT-PRO is for the layers skin of body, layer 0, tattoo, underwear ,clothes.The process to make clothes beginning painting over a mesh in 3D using a great texture of 4096x8192 pixels, o much more if you computer can,but at the end we need a texture of 4096x8192 .

The UVmaps was intended with no deformation in mind and to get very much resolution and yes you can get a quality with great detail in skin or clothes never seen before in SL.

Instructions for creators of the KIT-PRO:

The first step is to get the file of mesh OBJ with the own Uvmaps.

You must set the texture resolution to a minimum of heigh 4096 pixels and wide of 8192 pixels. This is the minimum to get the maximum without loss quality in the process

With software as Blender, Maya, 3D-Coat, Zbrush, Cinema4, Modo,DeepPaint, etc.. You can paint in 3D. Over the mesh.

You get a great texture of the size 4096x8192 pixels.

In Photoshop you must cut by the cut slices tool.

You get all these files in a subfolder named “images” that contents all 32 textures with name and number.

In Secondlife you must upload “bulk files”, Only the quantity usable, you dont need upload the textures transparent 100%.

Open your inventory and drag and drop (you can select alla textures) over the target red, using the key “Ctrl” at same time with the left button of mouse. Dont change the numbers and dont add numbers.

LOAD APPLIER (button in the HUD) send all textures UUID to the scripts that have the buttons APPLY BODY, APPLY LAYER 0,APPLY TATTOO, APPLY UNDERWEAR, APPLY CLOTHES.

At same time send data to the prim you have made and put into the appropriate script you get in the KIT-PRO.Remember: the prim you have made NEED to be colored green 00ff00 to hear the data of textures, after you can change white.

CLEAR TEXTURES clear all textures you have put into the HUD of the KIT-PRO. Then the HUD is ready to get another group of textures.

You can sell buttons one prim or various buttons linked, then each button have their script.

The user you have sell the applier can wear as HUD and press, then all textures applies on the skin body.

NOTE: The skin body receive the data of appliers when is weared,

But all others layers need to be rezzed in the floor, this is intended to people  dont make mistakes and destroy others layers that have weared.

Above is the mesh in your program of CAD 3D that you use for painting.

Below we have the UVmaps associated to that mesh.

Before this step the image must be 4096x8192 in Photoshop.

If you buy a KIT-PRO, the first is to send a e-mail to

Mail: info@lucybody.com

With your legacy name of SL and the data and hour of payment.

Then you will receive the mesh file OBJ with the UV for layers pro.

The rezz buttons in the HUD of KIT PRO is for testing purpose is not a need to use it.

In the into of box of KIT PRO you can find some scripts, one for each layer.

You can create for each layer one prim and put into each script you like, by example, for make appliers for skin, you use the script:  LucyBodySkinApplierGreenBody(skin)

The box (button future of HUD) must  be colored in green to receive data:

The buttons “APPLY” is only to test in your test layers, these butons are appliers as same way as your buttons that you made, is not a need to use, you can use the buttons appliers you made.