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The first step is to wear the LucyBody Alpha  and body mesh, LucyBody BODY and wear too the HUD . We recommend the first time unwear all the items you have wearing.

You can select 8 languages in the HUD.You can select 4 points of view, front back, right, left.

Instructions for user:

You can convert to invisible by littles parts or by zones of body.The use is press the mouse over the mannequin, or press over the text.

You can select between 9 skins nude or 9 skins with underwear.You can select 24 nails and 7 sizes,3 hands or 3 feet, or none feet or none hands.

You must use a value of Body Fat in your shape of 0,5,7,11,24,48,64,100 if you like a perfect matching with your head, then press the blue button and get the tattoos for ADD (is better add than wear).

You can use all layers at same time or including the same layer various times, in this case the order of visiblility can change arbitrary, but it is recommended when you use a short from one creator and another top from other creator.

When use lingerie with high quality we recommend the use of mode mask, SL only allow one layer with blending and the rest with masking for to allow the order to view of the transparencies to be correct.

Each layer have a different channel of communication with the appliers except layer Top-pants and Top-skirt that use the same.