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 Download UV maps EASY KIT Instructions for creators of the EASY-KIT:

The main tools that the creator need is the UV map, and the HUD EASYKIT.

In the file PSD for use in Photoshop you can find two templates for use, one for Overall clothes and the other for Dress. The size is 2048 x 4096 pixels.

When you press the button APPLY all the textures are sent to the layer and to your prim for sell as applier (if you wear too this prim, that have the script from the EASY-KIT).

RESEND button make another try, or use in another moment.

CLEAR TEXTURES clear all the textures in the HUD, to ready for another send of new textures.

Install in Photoshop the “actions” that you can download here:


Is not a need to full eight textures,in the case of making shorts you need only two textures, then can be named as example: short_05, short_06. With only these two textures the layers is ready and ended.

Select all the textures or one to one, with the Ctrl key pressed, press Left Button Mouse, drag the files and drop into the black mannequin. Press Apply.

Select the layer more near to the cloth you make, press button and you get rezzed a mesh of layer.

Wear or add the HUD EASY KIT.

Before click “actions” in Photoshop you “must” create a folder in your PC as this:


In this folder Photoshop with the action send the 8 textures finished and ready for upload to SL.

When you finish your dress play the “actions”, then you get 8 textures numbered from 01 to 08 PNG located in your PC at:


Upload all the textures to SL  but not the empties full transparent.

Now you can rename the mesh layer that is rezzed yet.

Click on the mesh layer that is rezzed. Name as you liken in the text box that appear right up in your viewer.

Take your layer and enjoy !!!

Here you can download the templates with UV maps for the EASY KIT for making clothes to the layers of body mesh. LUCYBODY.

If you want remove white halo in your textures, click here…