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Welcome to project bodymesh LUCYBODY. We like to tell you about our intentions and the reasons for creating this mesh body.

In the first place, the true reason for making this project long time ago was because of  the frustration of making texture clothes with the old system of UV SL due to the limitations of low resolution of textures.

We have taken the decision to leave behind the UV maps SL due to their limitations in textures of 1024 x 1024 pixels. A creator of clothes that uses Photoshop in 2D knows that you always need more pixels for details.

Another problem was that in SL there are people with low end graphics and other people with high end graphics. In an effort to satisfy all of them at same time we have made a special system compatible with all computers.

The system has a kit for making clothes, the EASY-KIT. The creator can be the casual user, a beginner, an enthusiastic or a professional creator of clothes based in 2D using Photoshop or Gimp.

The EASY-KIT has a resolution of 2048 x 4096 pixels and the creator can paint with Photoshop in 2D, due to the way the UV map was made.

All the layers are copyable, you can make as many copies as you like. You can rename the layers with the name of clothes you have applied.

The process to get clothes saved in the inventory then is to buy or create clothes, with an applier the textures arrive in the layer, you change the name and save in the inventory. You wear or add, selecting by name.

The HUD used for editing alphas has a system where you can memorize 12 alphas, you can select 3 types of feet, high, mid, flat and select 3 types of pose hands, pose 1, pose 2, pose 3.

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The most important features:

- Use of the vast majority of mesh clothes from Secondlife.

- Make your own texture clothes very easily.

- Make professional texture clothes with no distortions and very high resolution.

- Endless copies of your clothes ready for wear when you save each layer applied with texture. Experience a truly easy way of making clothes.


The new stimulus for creators to make clothing of textures. Is here!!!

Lucy Body is now online for SALE !!!

…Or can be possible to get it in the MM